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Do you need help in taking care of the burial place of your loved ones?

Grave Care Services in Severodonetsk Sometimes life circumstances develop in such way, that you are far away from the graves of your significant others or family, or may be by virtue of occupancy or other reasons you are not able to devote enough time in taking care of graves. Our company provides complex and reliable service in looking after graves on the territories of cities Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubezhnoe and other neighbour places. Specialists provide all necessary work and you’ll be sure that burial place is in order.

Services and prices

Grave Search

Price 20 $
  • Grave search in case if burial place is unknown
  • Estimation of technical condition
  •  Sending of 4 photos of found burial place

Single Upkeeping of Grave

Price 25 $
  • Garbage cleaning
  • Weed cleaning
  • Memorial washing (crypts, grave-stones, fences, branches)
  • Flower watering
  • Sending of 4 photos before and after cleaning

Upkeeping of Grave over a Year

Price 65 $

It includes:  3 cleanings one time in 4 months – in yearly spring, summer, and late autumn or before memorable dates

  • Garbage cleaning
  • Weed cleaning
  • Memorial washing (crypts, grave-stones, fences, branches)
  • Flower watering
  • Sending of 4 photos before and after cleaning
  • Regular attendance of grave to control its condition.
  • Cleaning of grave in case of vandalism or act of God.

Payment Methods



We will send the customer an invoice via e-mail immediately after we receive the request. After you got the invoice, you need to make a payment:

  1. By money transfer system Western Union, Money Gram, etc. After the transfer, you need to tell us the country and city from where the money should come, first name and surname of the person sending them, sum and 10 digit transfer code. The customer has to cover bank charges by itself and it should be specified directly in the bank.
  2. Telegraphic transfer

Translation within the Ukraine can be achieved by the system of post transfers from any post office in the country. After payment was done the confirmation of payment (claim check, bank confirmation, etc.) must be sent by e-mail (office@gravecare.org.ua). The services will be provided within 10 working days after receipt of funds on account of our organization. If the services cannot be provided because of the closure of the cemetery, new burial on site, the customer will be provided with official information and money previously paid will be given back, except for burial place search services, other confirmed and actually incurred costs and bank commissions. In a case the cost of services less than 50 USD – full pre-payment, if the cost of services for more than 50 USD – 50% prepayment. Bank fee is covered  by customer. The rate of the National Bank of Ukraine is used for all calculations according to the date of payment.

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