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Caring about the Graves in Severodonetsk

Upkeeping of burial places and grave beautification on cemeteries of Severodonetsk, Lugansk region or other neighbour places is accomplished in time and on high level. After order and payment received we are able to clean grave, lay dalle or to paint fence in two weeks.

You need to make a request on services of burial place upkeeping. You need to indicate name, surname, patronymic, email, your country, zip code and contact telephone number in request. You also need to provide information about burial place: name, surname, patronymic of buried person, city, cemetery name, section number, row number, place number and brief description if possible. You need to choose service package. Next column is for your individual wishes.

If you know the condition of burial place and don’t know necessary work package, our grave upkeeping services offers estimation of technical condition of burial place. Our specialist arrives in indicated place, makes 4 photos and writes a report and forwards it on your email address.

If you don’t know where the burial place is, we’ll help to find it. This service includes: burial place search, estimation of technical condition, writing a report and 4 photos in electronic format.

We provide services in terms of prepayment. If service fee is less 50 $ – full prepayment. If service fee is more 50$ – 50% advance payment. After request is received we forward customer invoice to pay for services. After invoice received you need to make payment. After payment was done the confirmation of payment (claim check, bank confirmation, etc.) must be sent by e-mail (office@gravecare.org.ua). Bank fee is covered by customer.

All prices are indicated in US dollars.

The services will be provided within 10 working days after receipt of funds on account of our organization.

If the services cannot be provided because of the closure of the cemetery, new burial on site, the customer will be provided with official information and money previously paid will be given back, except for burial place search services, other confirmed and actually incurred costs and bank commissions.