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Care of Burial Places in Rubezhnoe

People have spiritual needs to give proper respect to deceased, by means of upkeeping of his grave. This tradition is connected with Christian ceremony; it highlights mentality of person and his lifestyle, spirituality, morality.

Grave upkeeping in cemeteries of Rubezhnoe, Lugansk region and neighbour places is provided in any season of year at customer’s option. Date of grave cleaning and beautification of burial places is chosen by you while making order. We’ll perform services quick and on high quality. Photo report will be sent on your email.

Besides grave beautification and upkeeping, applying paint on fences, laying dalle we have additional services you are offered to find out more about:

  • wreath-laying ceremony. Offered assortment includes wreath made of artificial flowers and fir-needles, price of which vary from 10$ up to 40$. Such range of prices will satisfy anyone’s request. Tastefully matched color grades make our wreathes beautiful and esthetic.
  • lighting of icon lamp. Overburning icon lamp itself is a small lamp which is lighted on graves. This kind of lamp is a symbol of prayer for the Most High about mercy for person that passed away;
  • laying of flowers. Offered assortment includes carnations and roses. Individual orders are on agreed price;
  • applying paint on tables; branches; obeluses and other elements. When we visit cemetery in commemoration day or in any other day we want to sit, rest and commemorate our natives and family. The essential part of accomplishment  is table and branch. With proper care they’ll serve you many years;
  • applying paint on fence. Fence on cemetery around burial place can tell a lot about relatives’ attitude. What is meant here it is not the price or massiveness or aplomb. Fence may look decently but accurate;
  • rust removal. Environmental interaction: rain, snow, heat, temperature drops influence the metal condition. Before paint application crumbly rust and old unstable paint are removed;
  • table, branch, fence maintenance. Vandals and unwelcome people cause grave damages for sake of profit;
  • sawing off trees and twigs. Trees that grew near the burial place bush out or dry up with time.

Any other additional services on the cemeteries of cities of Lugansk region: Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubezhnoe and other neighbour places are possible on agreement with customer.